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Greening schools

Green plants in class rooms

Research shows that plants in the classroom have a positive effect on children’s self-esteem and concentration. Other studies of plants in the classroom also show that students in classrooms with plants performed better on tests of creative and problem-solving behavior.

For (primary) schools in The Netherlands, teachers can visit our garden center Intratuin Heerhugowaard where they can choose three large or five smaller plants per classroom, if needed with terracotta pots and plates. It is also possible to purchase plants for the entrance/joint areas with this Green Budget. For (primary) schools in other countries we work with local garden centers for the Green Budget.

The Green Budget can also be used for (extra) greening outdoor spaces of the schools, such as a school vegetable garden or plants or trees for the schoolyard. Applications for the Green Budget can be submitted by using the Support Form on our website.