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We care

Together with you we try to make the world a better place. Just contact us to learn more about the possibility of cooperating with the DGS Foundation.

Support requests

All support requests are tested against our three main themes and/or the connection with our companies, employees or family members. If the decision is positive, an appointment will be scheduled to explore the possibilities for support and implementation of your request. After this, a step-by-step plan will be drawn up so that we can get started with your project or initiative.

After the realization of the project, it would be great if our our logo or name is printed on or mentioned at the project and we would like to receive a report with photos, to share on our website, so it can also be an inspiration for other projects and initiatives.

Donate to DGS Foundation

The basic budget of the DGS Foundation consists of an annual fixed donation from the companies affiliated with the De Groot en Slot Group, supplemented by financial contributions from, for example, (former) employees, business contacts and external relations.

The assets of the DGS Foundation are exclusively used for the granting of financial and/or material support and/or the provision of knowledge and expertise and/or personal commitment. Every year we publish a financial and social report, which is presented to the board of DGS Beheer BV.

Are you considering a donation to our DGS Foundation? Our treasurer would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Click on the button below and we will contact you.

Let’s work together on your project

Do you have a great project that could use some support? Does the project meet our main themes?
Inquire about the possibilities via the link below.