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Request Support

To apply for support please fill our Application Form. Please indicate clearly if the support is financial (including the amount), in-kind (description of goods/work), or knowledge and expertise. You can also send a request per e-mail to: or by postal mail to: DGS Foundation, Attn: Secretary dept., Westelijke Randweg 1, 1721 CH Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands.

    Information request

    Please add a short description / motivation of the project for which you need support:
    - Mention the purpose and the needed help for this request
    - Is there also an income/other support from other sources for this project?
    - What are your expectations towards support from the DGS Foundation?

    Let’s work together on your project

    Heeft u een mooi project dat wel wat steun kan gebruiken? Voldoet het project aan onze hoofdthema’s?
    Informeer dan naar de mogelijkheden via bovenstaand formulier.