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Soil animals cabin – Hortus Alkmaar

Compost and soil animals

Hortus Alkmaar believes, just as we do, that it is important for the youngest youth to learn about the importance of nature and how everything works. We are therefore proud of this beautiful project in the form of a Soil Animal Cabin located next to the compost heap, where children can see, experience and learn all about the animals that live in the soil. An appropriate educational program has also been written for this project: ‘Compost and small creatures’. This program explains, on an interactive basis, how the cycle of nature works and what kind of animals are involved.

During the official season opening of the Hortus Alkmaar on Thursday 29 April, the Soil Animal Cabin was unveiled, and the children present could get to work with it right away. It was very interesting for them to discover that there are so many different kinds of animals living in the soil and compost heap, and to hear what they do. Together with the simultaneously unveiled Bee Info Hotel and the Water Animal Bank, a beautiful educational extension has been realized to be used by the kids from the local primary schools and after-school care centers.

In 2020 the DGS Foundation started cooperating with Hortus Alkmaar. On a special bio-diversity department in our garden center Intratuin Heerhugowaard a part of the (organic) plant assortment cultivated by Hortus Alkmaar are sold. At this department also informational brochures are available and soon a tv screen will be placed to show the promotional film of Hortus Alkmaar. The Hortus plants are enthusiastically received by the customers of Intratuin Heerhugowaard. In 2021 we continue with selling the Hortus plants. Of course, the proceeds will go entirely to Hortus Alkmaar.


Impression of the official opening of the new season in the Hortus Alkmaar on April 29, 2021.